Marital Separation Agreement Pricing

Document Self-Prepared Paralegal-Prepared
Marital Separation Agreement (MSA) $39.00 $79.00
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Self-Prepared or Paralegal Prepared - What's the Difference?

Self-Prepared Documents - You prepare the documents. See your documents being created as you answer the online questionnaire. Download, print and use your documents immediately after purchase.

Paralegal-Prepared Documents - We prepare the documents. Complete and submit the online questionnaire to our Document Preparation Team. Your answers are reviewed for completeness and accuracy. Additional info is requested when needed. A delivery date is set based on posted delivery time frames. Documents are delivered by e-mail unless you select an upgrade of paper or expedited delivery at checkout.

What's Included?

Whether you choose self-prepared or paralegal-prepared, you won't find a better value, all backed with our 100% Guarantee and the ability to "Try Before You Buy". You'll get:

  • Detailed instructions on how to execute your marital separation agreement.
  • Attorney-authored forms, backed with our 100% Court Approval Guarantee.
  • Document content that is frequently reviewed to keep up with changes in the law, court document guidelines, etc. to make sure what we deliver is the best it can be.
  • Accuracy, completeness and grammar check (Paralegal-Prepared Documents only).
  • Easy-to-use online questionnaires. Start now; save your answers; and come back later to finish if you need to.
  • Toll-free telephone and unlimited e-mail support from our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Satisfaction Team.

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Self-Prepared MSA $39.00
Legal Technician-Prepared MSA $79.00